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The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is effective from May 25th 2018 under United Kingdom law. BT Marine Propellers Ltd, PT Marine Propulsion Indonesia (BT Marine Indonesia) & BT Marine Nederland BV would like to provide you with reassurance as to what data is held, how we use it and how it is securely stored.

The data we hold relating to you is your email address and a contact name, in some cases a Company name, address and telephone numbers are also stored. This is used by us to communicate with you regarding your enquiries; our offers to supply you, and any information related to our products and services. Your data is stored securely on our in house server, is backed up in a secure off-site facility daily and is fully protected by the latest multi-layer firewall IT protection and is updated regularly by our professional IT support company.

Please be assured that we have not and never will disclose, share or sell your details to a third party for any reason. You do not need to do anything in response to this information unless you seek clarification or have a concern.

Should you not wish to be contacted by us please do let us know.


BT Marine is dedicated in providing and healthy and safe environment for all of it’s employees and customers, protecting visiting public and preserving the well being of all staff, company assets and property.

At BT Marine, our most valued resource is our people that work for us.

Injuries and accidents can be prevented.

In order to achieve this objective, BT Marine will make all reasonable efforts to comply with all government regulations in regard to health and safety matters.

Health and safety guidelines are followed by all members of staff and visitors and customers and asked to adhere to these guidelines also.

These guidelines will assist management and non-supervisory employees in minimizing risks and hazards through safe working practices and awareness of the working environment.

Energy Performance Certificate

Click HERE to view/download our Energy Performace Certificate

Terms and Conditions of Sale

Click HERE to view/download our Terms and Conditions of Sale


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